DTraq: What is the Truth of your code?

DTraq is a data logging and review debugging tool providing near realtime data logging and analysis to aid debugging and validation. Captured, or 'tapped' data from a program can be viewed live while the program is running or, since it is being logged to a file, played back or printed out later for off-line review and analysis.

DTraq differs from other logging and playback tools in that no data layout maps or byte interpretations or "data dumpers" need to be manually created. Nor is the application responsible for converting the raw binary data to text form before logging it. DTraq handles all conversion automatically by scanning the application's source code, identifying tapped data items, and extracting the information it needs to properly convert and display the logged items-simple scalar items as well as arrays and records. When the layout of data items change, rescanning automatically picks up the changes.

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DTraq screenshots

Selected screenshots below illustrate some of DTraq's capabilities. To learn how these displays are used for logging, review, and playback, click for the quick guided tour or take a look at the DTraq user manual.

DTraq Logfile Review Control Panel

Review logged Data Items by stepping forwards or backwards, or letting it play through the sequence; skip to a specific time or logged item index.
Print Data Items to a printer or to a file.

Data Item Display window of a composite data item, partially expanded

See a record's data, displayed as a record, with nested
composite structures expanded or collapsed in whole or in part.

The same data item, this time viewed as raw memory



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