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[7] The data is what it is

The live values of tapped data items that are being monitored as they're received and logged, or that are being reviewed from a log file, are presented in Data Item Display windows.

A Data Item Display window displays the Tap ID of the item, any associated descriptive string, the timestamp of the displayed value, and of course the data itself. There are two classes of data types: scalar and composite. Scalar types include numbers (both integer and real), characters, and enumerations; while composite types are the records and arrays. (Even though they're not actually scalar, DTraq treats subtypes of the standard string type as through they were, and also treats access types, or pointers, as scalar since they're most frequently implemented as addresses.)


Numeric Type View
The Data Item Display Window for a simple modular type.

Enumeration Type View
The Data Item Display Window for an enumeration type.

Record Type View
The Data Item Display Window for a record type
with some of its subcomponent fields expanded.

Alternively, view the raw memory of the data item:


Numeric Memory View
The Data Item Display Window showing the
single byte of a simple modular type.

Enumeration Memory View
Displaying the single byte of an enumeration type.

Record Memory View
The raw memory of a record type.


As data is received from applications and logged, the data items selected for viewing continuously receive updates to their display.

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