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[4] Scanning the Application

Once the application is instrumented with DTraq.Tap calls, the DTraq analyzer, dtq-analyze, scans the application's source code to extract the information about each tapped type, so that the conversions from raw binary data to readable text can be done without any additional effort on the user's part.

The dtq-analyze user interface is where the name of the main unit file of the application is provided, along with the application's "include" directories and any special compiler directories.

The output is the name of the file in which to store the information extracted from the source code that is used by the logging server to know what kinds of data items to expect, and how to convert them from raw data to text.

That's all the information that really needs to be provided. Once the main unit file, directories, and output filename have been supplied, clicking the Analyze button does the rest.


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