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[8] Review, analyze...and understand

Whether making test runs (developmental, formal, or something in between) or deployed in-the-field, DTraq collects and logs real data. At any time some or all of the accumulated logfiles can be retrieved, loaded into DTraq, and analyzed to find out what went wrong. Or verify that everything went right, and what's not working is Somebody Else's Problem.

DTraq Logfile Review Control Panel

DTraq Logfile Review Control Tab

The data items to review are selected off the Tap Data Table, only now the "Log Item" and "View Live" columns have been replaced with the "Logged" and "View Data" columns. Those settings now indicate whether the file contains data for the data item, and whether to display it.

Progressing through the logged data items can be done forward or backwards, one update at a time, or continuously, with a user-defined pause between each successive update.

The readable form of data items can be sent to a printer or a text file. Single items, a range of them, or the whole logfile can be selected for printing. The text file can be used for additional postprocessing (its format is kept very functional to ease the development and use of post-processing tools). Composite data items can be printed in their fully expanded forms, or just as they've been specifically set up in the window in which they're being viewed.

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