[5. Running the Logging Server ]
[6. View Data, Live and Recorded]
[7. The Data ]
[8. Reviewing Data ]
[9. The Documentation]

[9] DTraq documentation: Not just accurate, but useful too.

A comprehensive User Manual accompanies DTraq. The Manual contains an overview of DTraq operation, how to get started, a FAQ, performance tips, a step-by-step example, and then covers the details of the user interface windows and the configuration preferences that adjust various facets of DTraq operation.

Fundamentally, though, DTraq was designed to be incorporated into applications and project environments with minimal pain. The accompanying example illustrates everything that's needed to instrument source code with DTraq taps, and Chapter 5 of the user manual steps one through the generation of a logging server and the basic use of the data viewer. Just that basic information will suffice for the vast majority of DTraq usage; but a complete and comprehensive user manual will be there when one needs to delve deeper to maximize the gains that DTraq provides.

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